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Unfortunately, I have no time to translate all stories and articles from  my Russian web-site. Here are several notes in English which I wrote almost by chance. Bear in mind that the earliest ones were written years ago. You'll find a lot of mistakes in grammar and spelling - try to take it easy:).

Iceland for Lonely Planet

Max probably is the only one who reads all books from the very beginning. I mean he studies  _all_ lines written in tiny font. So he found the following: "Everyone who writes us will find their name in the next edition of the appropriate guide book. The very best contributions will be rewarded with a free guidebook". Since then he had started pushing me: "write about Iceland for the Lonely Planet". So I did instead of proper preparation for USMLE Step 1 exam:). I even received the following letter from the Lonely Planet: "Hi Helen, Thanks for taking the time to write to us - we really value all the feedback we receive. An itchy-footed team at Lonely Planet reads every email and ensures every morsel of information finds its way to the relevant authors, editors and cartographers. We'll be thanking you personally in the next edition of the appropriate LP book (be patient though - the current edition may be out for a while yet!). If we use extracts from your email in one of our products we'll be sure to send you the free LP book of your choice to show our appreciation..."

Almost one year has passed. The new edition of "Iceland" was released on April 2004. As they promised, my name was published in "Acknowledgments" section (page 323 as far as I remember), but I have no idea if  they used my story or not. So, I decided to publish it here.

About jeep orienteering for Alec

I have a friend Alec in Washington DC area. We spent a really good time in Moscow all together when he came to visit us. So I decided to entertain him a little bit (instead  of proper preparation for USMLE Step 2 exam:)) and described briefly one of our favorite entertainment - jeep orienteering. There are plenty of pictures inside!

About geocaching in Russia for Alec Alec liked my previous story very much and even sent it to his sister so my graphomania received another stimulus. Pictures are available.
New Year 2006 in NYC A letter about crazy night to my best friend Lina who stayed in Moscow, RF. I'll add some pictures later.
Everything is possible My medical residency match story; 99% of it is in English.
E.T. Alien Physician Damn residency life:)
Beer in a cryostat Well, it is what it is - I forgot my beer inside the machine:)
Two below duo 2010 Adventure race in the woods of Warren, PA - a total fiasco:)
SORCAR Season Opener Racoon Creek Adventure race
Urban Dare 2010

The Amazing Race type competition

WAR chronicles

24-hr adventure race in the woods of Warren, PA - another fiasco:)

I did 'em (boards) my way

AP/CP boards preparation and taking

WUI, part 1. Random thoughts

Written under influence (of my job); as of now, I'm a forensic pathology fellow..

WUI, part 2

Written under influence (of my job); "I actually think that this job has made you poetically introspective, even if it is in an anatomic format ..." - said one of my friends

Two below duo 2011

I don't know WHY we did it again!! We should have known better...

Canadian AP boards AKA Royal College Anatomical Pathology exam

RC AP exam preparation and taking


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